About us

We are the first school in Brazil, authorized by International Yacht Training, to qualify and issue international certificates of competence, meeting the necessary requirements for crew categories on private and commercial yachts.

Our objective is to train and qualify people to drive sports and recreational vessels, in accordance with the Brazilian norm NORMAN 03, for qualification in the categories of Arrais, Mestre and Capitão Amateur. The courses offer sufficient theoretical and practical foundations to navigate safely in the different areas of navigation.

In order to improve the qualification and training of students, we seek the world-renowned expertise of International Yacht Training, in various recreational and professional courses.

The team of instructors is made up of Merchant Marine officers and professionals from the Yacht Industry, with extensive knowledge and more than 25 years of experience in the nautical field.

Our Courses:

  • Yachtmaster Offshore
  • International Crew
  • Bareboat Skipper
  • Yachtmaster Coastal
  • Yachtmaster Ocean
  • Superyachts Deckhand Crew
  • Superyachts Hospitality
  • General Marine Engine Operator
  • Master of Yachts Limited 200 Ton
  • Master of Yachts Unlimited 200 Ton
  • Certificate of Competence (ICC)
  • Certificação Internacional de VHF